Outcast Even In Death

Kalahandi: In another shameful and shocking incident, an old woman named Sabitri had no one to shoulder her to the cremation ground after her death only because she belonged to a low caste.
This incident occurred in Tentulipada village of Mahima Panchayat, Kokosara block. On Wednesday morning, two people were seen pulling the dead body of an old woman on a cot to the cremation ground as the villagers did not come forward to help them.
Notably, Sabitri was the second wife of Baidyanath Zued, who had married her while working as migrant labourer in Bhawanipatna after the death of his first wife. But as Sabitri hailed from a lower caste, the villagers had outcasted them.
Raghunath had tried to woo the villagers to include them back to their caste but was unable to pay the fine amount of a goat and some rice as per their custom.
Baidyanath had died six months back. Sabitri was living in a pitiable condition since then. When Sabitri died on Tuesday night, her brother-in-law, Raghunath Zued informed the villagers and asked for their help. But no one came forward to help them. Instead they asked for a fine to be paid so that they can incorporate her to their caste and help in her cremation.
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