Sweat Behind A Brighter Diwali

Bhubaneswar: Lighting diyas on Diwali gives a traditional look to the festival. Markets are flooded with all varieties of diyas.
63-year-old Balaram Muduli has been working on his wheel for the past 40 years to give life to clay in form of pots and diyas.
Being in this potter’s profession, he barely manages to eke out a living but is happy to provide services which lights up other’s houses.
“Two persons working for 15 days manage to earn Rs.5000 after deducting the costs. It is just hand to mouth existence for us. The artefacts we make are very much in demand in Bhubaneswar, Khorda, Cuttack, and different parts of the State,” informs Muduli. “The government alos doesn’t lend a helping hand to us. It has turned a blind eye towards us or elso this industry could have boomed,” he lamented. Around 10 families of the potter’s clan live in this village, Basantapur in the outskirts of the capital cily near Dhauli.
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