Who Will Succeed Naveen Patnaik? Here Is The Answer.

Bhubaneswar: Who will replace Naveen Patanik as Chief Minister of Odisha? A question often asked and debated in the media and when the same question was asked to Naveen Patnaik himself he, as always, gave his answer with a one liner – people will choose their leader.

The Chief Minister said it’s neither his party (Biju Janata Dal) nor his duty to select the next leader who will take the chair after him rather it’s the people of Odisha will decide who will lead them.

In an interactive session with Prabhu Chawla, Editorial Director of The New Indian Express, at the concluding day of the fifth edition of the Odisha Literary Festival (OLF) here, Patnaik said: “ People in their own judgement will choose their own leader at the appropriate time and I don’t think it’s necessery to groom a leader.”

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