Outside Political Leaders Debarred From Staying 36 Hrs Before Polling : SEC

**Bhubaneswar: ** The State Election Commission (SEC) for the first time has adopted the procedure of imposing restrictions on the stay of outside political leaders soon after the end of campaigning prior to the binding 36-hours-deadline before the polling dates.

State Election Commission (SEC) secretary Rabindranath Sahu said, “Restriction has been imposed on the stay of political leaders and campaigners in the fields soon after the mandatory deadline of canvassing. If they are voters of the specific place going to poll, they could be allowed.”

Elucidating on it, he informed, “As per the norm, campaigning stops forthwith 36 hours before the polling date. Those political leaders from outside the constituency are not allowed to stay put there. Since there is no scope for further campaigning, they are bound down to leave behind the place. The Election Commission of India has this guideline. But, this procedure has been adopted for the first time in the Panchayat Polls.”

On paving path for the State Government servants participating as voters, he informed, “The State Government has declared special holidays for three days for its employees staying away from their native places and are enrolled as voters in their respective villages. The day before the polling date, on the polling day and the day after it.”

Sourced through Scoop.it from: ommcomnews.com

Procedure First Time Adopted In Odisha Panchayat Polls

3-Day Special Holidays For State Employees To Vote At Respective Places


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